Appearance wearing Kimono as ladies and gentlemen

Bringing out each beauty
We suggest Kimono costume that suit season and trend for you.
Kimonos we have are collected one by one visiting where they are made.
You could choose your favorite one from variety of high quality Kimonos which bring out your beauty.


Great private space

The warbler having The fruit of the Nandina, smell of Tatami and music making mode
For you, the great time feeling Japanese seasons by your five senses.
We accept the only one group of guests for the time they reserved.
In Japanese quiet residence at Higashiyama, Kyoto, please spend private time only for you.


Quiet stone paved path; Ichinenzaka

Kodaiji temple at Higashiyama, Kyoto. We; KIMONO VILLA KYOTO are on Ichinenzaka street near by the Kodaiji temple.
Walk in Ichinenzaka from lively street “Ninenzaka”, there is unreal space that you could feel real Kyoto on Ichinenzaka.