CONNECTION/To pass down Kimono culture

What is in the background of KIMONO VILLA?
KIMONO VILLA originally comes from a kimono manufacturer of Kyoyuzen, or a Kyoto dyeing. Our founder contrived and commercialized "Tsukesage", a synonym for semi-formal kimonos so that people were able to purchase kimonos that had been beyond their purses before, which created the opportunity to spread kimonos to the world. In order to provide various kimonos to the world, we have requested many craftsmen to create their kimonos. There are two reasons why we started KIMONO VILLA after we have been involved with kimonos since the foundation.

One is that we hope many more people will experience Japanese Kimono culture; and the other is that we want to create jobs for craftsmen specialized in kimono. With craftsmen aging, it is very difficult to find out successors of dyeing and weaving techniques these days. Even though young people get interested in such a job, they cannot live off with it, because kimonos doesn't sell well compared to the past. So there are only little trained young craftsmen, which makes passing down the tradition much harder. That was the time when we created a mechanism where craftsmen can continue their jobs.

A mechanism to giving back to a craftsman
KIMONO VILLA started a mechanism where we give a part of the fees a customer pays back to an atelier or a craftsman who actually crated the kimono as a commission. So choosing a kimono is not only giving back financially but also passing on your feelings to a craftsman. The more a customer selects a kimono, the more we give it back to a craftsman, which leads to succession of the technique to the next generation.

Wearing a kimono brings about a connection
Wearing a kimono in KIMONO VILLA also means supporting the succession of Kimono culture. We, who have walked along craftsmen for a long time can connect you and a craftsman.