Business hours

Open 10:00〜17:00
Final receptionist 16:00
Return 17:00


We arrange an appointment for a group of 1 to 4 guests in the time frame of two hours. If you plan to visit us with 4 or more people with you, please feel free to ask our staff. In addition, please choose a plan you’d like to join when you visit us.

Reservation changes and cancellation

Please call or e-mail us if you want to change your reservation.(

Kimono sizes  (available)

Female: height: 150 ~ 175cm /hips: ~ 110cm
Male: height: 160 ~ 185cm / hips: ~ 110cm

Zori (sandals) and Geta (clogs) sizes    (available)

Female: One-size-fits-all (about 23cm ~ 25cm )
Male: M (about 25 cm ~ 26cm) 、L (about 26 ~ 27cm)、LL (about 27 ~ 28cm)

Reserving of kimonos

We ask for your understanding in advance that you choose a kimono when you visit us.

Hair setting

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to do your hair. Please make a reservation for hair setting along with the meeting appointment. Ask a hairdresser on site about hairdos. We can offer short-hair styling, too.

Parking for cars and bikes

Please use neighboring payed parking spaces for cars and bikes or take public transportation.

Dressing for guests who are pregnant

We are sorry to trouble you but we don’t offer dressing for guests who are pregnant. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Needed time for dressing to going out

If you have only limited time or have plans later, we appreciate if you let us know beforehand.

Arrangement for dressing

We try to help you dress in a comfortable and classic way. So if you have a special request for dressing, we’d be delighted if you tell us about it when you make a reservation.